Get a Notary Public at Men Central Jail

Trying to have a document notarized by an inmate can be tough. That's why our Notary Publics are excited to extend a helping hand to those who need beloved inmates to successfully sign and notarize various documents while they are currently incarcerated at Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles, California.

Our Notary Publics will do all the work from beginning to end in a very short time. When you do call, you will feel at ease to know that you are in great hands.

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Our Notary Public Services Covers :

  • Communicating with you each step of the way until notarization completion
  • Assisting you in obtaining the correct documents : If you are unable to get the correct documents yourself, or you are unsure of which documents you may need
  • Our Notary Meets with the inmate for notarization (you do NOT have to be present)
  • Delivering the documents to you in a secured and timely fashion

         We make it easier for you to have a document notarized for an Inmate


Detention Center, Los Angeles:

535 N. Alameda St

Los Angeles, Ca 90012

(213) 485-0439

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We Specialize in Having Documents Notarized for Inmates Incarcerated at

Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles, California

Most Common Notary Documents 

  • Power of Attorney (ONLY General  Power of Attorney)
  • Inability to Appear Affidavit ( For Marriage )
  • Dissolutions of Marriage ( For Divorce )
  • Vehicle Impound Release Authorization
  • Affidavits
  • Passport Issuance for Child (DS 3505)
  • Permission to Travel for Children

          and Many More

Pitchess Detention Center ( Wayside) :

29320 Wayside Lateral Rd

Castaic , Ca 91384

(661) 295-8840

Step 2:

Notary Document(s)

  • Inform or Provide us of the type of documents that needs notarization‚Äč

Disclaimer(s): Our notaries are NOT employed by the Los Angeles Men Central Jail. We are NOT attorneys, therefore we cannot provide legal advice. We are NOT Bail Bondsman

Step 3:

Prison Information

  • Provide us with the beloved inmate's information, such as name, Booking  Number, etc .


We do NOT visit or notarize at Court

Our Notary Public also service these other Jails

Twin Towers

Correctional Facility:

450 Bauchet St

Los Angeles, Ca 90012

(213) 893-5100 

Century Regional Detention Facility:

11705 Alameda St

Lynwood, Ca 90262

(213) 473-6100/6080

HOURS of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm | Saturday 9am- 2pm

North County Correctional Facility (NCCF):

29340 The Old Road 

Castaic, Ca 91384


Los Angeles

Men's Central Jail:

441 Bauchet St

Los Angeles, Ca 90012

(213) 473-6100 

Step 1:

Contact Us Today

  • Call or Visit our notary for a quick quote & any additional information

Call Now: (310) 677-5000

             Address : 3227 W. Century Blvd

                            Inglewood, Ca 90303 

Fast Service When you are Ready 

Place your notary service for prompt service*.

1. If you place the Notary Service BEFORE 12 NOON, then you'll get Same-Day notary service with delivery of your documents**.

2. If you place the Notary service AFTER 12 NOON, then you'll get Next-Day notary service with delivery of your documents.


*Notary Services at Men Central jail are performed ONLY during weekdays. (NOT weekends)

**DELIVERY Methods of your documents consist of:

  • Personally pick up your documents from our office by 4pm
  • Certified Mail ( Included in Price )
  • Overnight Mail ( Additional Fee )
  • Local Drop off to your home or office (Courier fee may apply)